About Us

We are a team of five designers with backgrounds in mechanical engineering, controls and electrical engineering. We primarily help companies with product development, design for manufacturing and production tools/automation. We call Seattle, Washington our home but have no problem working with companies around the world. We have low overhead costs and provide high quality work with rates at 1/3 the cost of many larger design and engineering firms.


We team brainstorm with rough sketching. After we 3D model, with design reviews and prototypes/feasibility testing to iterate.


We build, test and redesign to make sure your product or tool functions the way you need it to. We don’t just make things that look pretty, we make things that work.


Whether the development drives with 3D printed assemblies or tight tolerance machined parts, we can build it. Checkout the list of technologies we’ve had experience with below.

Tooling and Automation

We have all had our hands in many automation and tooling projects over the years. We can make complex automated machines and elegant fixtures to meet your demand.

Preproduction & Production

We have sourced all kinds of parts, injection molded, sheet metal, machined and cast to name a few. We can find you good domestic and international suppliers and make sure your parts come out right.

Why Us?

Important Advantages

Unlike many small design companies we have extensive experience prototyping products to function properly, be manufacturable and meet your budget. We can build your first small production run and can help you source larger production runs. Unlike single freelance consultants we brainstorm and review designs together, catching possibilities and issues any one designer would be bound to miss.

We’re here to cut the BS. We have worked with larger firms and seen how they waste thousands of their clients’ dollars exploring expensive paths that they never really believed in. We will strongly voice our opinions on the direction of your project and focus on saving you money. We will only invest time in work that is critical to your project’s success.

Technology Competence In

This is an abbreviated list of skills and knowledge we commonly use on projects.

  • Injection Molding
  • 3D Printing (Sintered, SLA, FDM)
  • Machining
  • Weldments
  • Sheet Metal
  • Casting (Sand, Investment, Die)
  • VARTM, PrePreg and Press Composites
  • 80/20 Extrusion Systems
  • Motor Control (Steppers, Servos, DC, AC)
  • Ladder Logic and Fieldbus, PLCs and HMI Devices
  • Automation/CNC Control (C#, C++, Python, Fanuc, Siemens)
  • Machine/Robot Kinematics and Integration
  • Sensor/Feedback systems
  • Automation Safety Systems
  • Structural and Modal FEA
  • Drivetrain Design (Gear, Chain and Belt)
  • Precision Mounting and Guiding Systems
  • Pneumatic and Hydraulic Systems
  • Vacuum Tooling (LVHP and HVLP)
  • Pressed Wood Laminate Structures
  • Underwater Equipment Design
  • Consumer Electronics Design
  • Digital and Analog Systems
  • PCB Layouts and Schematics
  • Embedded Systems/Microcontrollers
  • Wiring and Electronic Packaging
  • Battery Systems
  • Electronics Sourcing Domestic and International

Meet The Team

We are five designers with backgrounds in mechanical engineering and controls.

Brett Himeda

Kevin Govan

Alexi Ehrlich

Marcus Boyle

Collin Keefer

Inexpensive Silicone Prototyping

We offer fast silicone prototyping with RTV silicone and printed molds. These prototypes allow you to test your silicone parts for cheap instead of using a prototype LSR mold that can often start at $2000.00 per design.

Some Past Work

Contact Us

Send us a message highlighting some of the details of the project and we will get back to you to set up a phone meeting. If you need an NDA before communicating any details please let us know in the message. We give free initial consultations and will bill time and materials on decided intervals. Our rates are substantially less than other larger design and engineering firms, at about a 1/3 of the cost.